Sustain-Worthy-ing Journaling.

In some ‘sense’ or other,
we all keep some sort of
“Sustainworthies Record”.

For most of us,
TV Programmes
rank strongly on our
“Sustainworthies’ Qualities & Quantities ‘Listings'”
not as strongly as our
“Foods & Drinks Rankings”
but probably stronger than
our cellphones, newspapers and magazines.

And TV Programmes
both Fiction and Non-Fiction
provide us with some kind of
“Human Company, ‘Narrative’, and ‘Interest'”

and both

“Control” and “Self-Care-Responsibility”.

(I used to watch JAG; Morse; Frost; )
(but eventually felt them to be a bit ‘aggressive’)
But I like ‘Lewis’
– especially the clear-higher-minded Hathaway …

That notwithstanding.
I still “go for” the best of the
galloping Cowboys and Indians Westerns …

they “take one’s mind off the possibly more ‘troubling’ things.

not ‘Starship Enterprise’ nor ‘Dr Who’
nor any of the “true English”
‘Porridge’; ‘Are You Being Served’,
‘Mrs Bouquet’ or ‘Waiting for God’ .

‘The Vicar of Dibley’ is still ‘OK;

but for the time being
“Stargate SG-1”
provides some “sustaining-diversion”.
Nor could I “live without”
some DVD Fiction
as well as Non-Fiction

as well as
“Planet Earth”
“Seated Tai Chi”.
Whilst I wholly eschew Fiction,
I do need a goodly range of Non-Fiction Texts
from which to draw Facts and Factors
of “Life and Critical-Scrutiny”.
[See the lists in as well].
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