A Large Little Help Also Comes…

Both ‘Lone-‘ and ‘Co-‘ Sustainworthyingly,
one may ‘try’

Turning the CRP* into a CDP*

Heard the one about the “Local’s ‘Creativity'” ?
Well, one evening, Poor Old Jo went into his[her] Pub,
looked ‘downcast’ and leaned heavily on the bar.
The landlord approached
“‘Evening Joe – you look miserable, what’s up ?”
“I’ve got a touch of ‘Eeors'”, moaned Jo.
“Oh! well I never; what’s ‘Eeors’, then?”
” That’s very kind of you, landlord, I’ll have a Guinness, please”.

The supinely horizontal
‘Constructive Rest Position’.
The supinely horizontal
‘Constructive Dress Position’
[pull on socks; pull off sleeping-bag]

all very




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