Bear with this awhile, please …

In short,
let your
be in the form of
“walkingly-‘circling'” …

upon awakening, one
“stirs” “shifts” “sways” “rocks” “bed-walks” and “limbers-up”
etcetera etceter etcetera
before “coming to arising and standing”

one is actually always “varyingly-self-alternating”
and on a higher-order scale “rotating”
as in “the rotation of crops”
which in practice includes
(‘describing’ figures of eight
which never touch
in their middle-‘cross-over-ing” …

Since we went out both Monday and Tuesday –
and found ourself
pulling our shopping trolley up the homestretch hill –

and since we have much ‘clutter’ to “sort”*

and since our two brown bins have ‘disappeared’ –
and our two green bins are “chock-a-block”
we must interimly “bag-up” our different ‘refuses’

One also needs many hours-on-end of
“self-therapying” . . .

So today Wednesday is “stay-at-home-day”


we need to quite carefully sort this “clutter”,
it is also
in some ‘mysterious’ “God-Given-Fact”
our own ‘private’ & personal

helping to keep us “fit” !