“Overall Malfeasance”

Subject:  Disabled 94y.o. Elderly Widower Pension Monies.

Dear Sir,
In response to your sudden but long series of difficult demands
and lack of informations concerning my joint Pension Monies back as far as 2008;
I have never been aware of any overpayments to me,

[except this year upon seeing your recent letter’s detail
that you were still paying me Carer’s Allowance
despite knowing that my Caree died early in 2020].

It is further courtroom-arguable
that the Government has a responsibility to ensure
that it does not overpay nor underpay anyone.

In response to my entitlement to full explanations of the state of my account(s)
I do now claim this detailed Explanation;
 and I contest that I have been aware of being overpaid.

Nevertheless, since at this moment I have no choice, I have to arrange repayment to you such that I can afford; 
yet you are ”blocking” me from contacting you.

What would be the likely prison sentence were I to fail to repay this gargantuan amount of more than £24,000 ?

I do not smoke, booze, gambIe, swan about in a car, go on holidays nor waste money, and my income has been just sufficient. 

Under the Extinction-Threats, High-Corruptions, Fantasy Constitutions,
Obscenely Gross Overpayments of Human Livings to the ‘Delusory-Social-Mobility Pyramid’
(within which I know the UK Civil Service to have long been reported to be being overpaid multiple-human-livings
and being accountability-avoidant)
your Governancial-Result is actually threatening all Lifesupports on Earth
as well as our hard-won Real-Sustainworthying  Life-on-the-Ground
fairplay and egalitarian-distribution Civilisation basis.

I attempt to ‘do-my-bit’ by ‘tracking’ these otherwise ‘Hidden’ Good & Bad Facts & Factors and publishing them via http://lifefresh.net.  
I am now grossly sickened by your Department’s lack of adequate communications;
and in the grievous stress that your ‘de-facto’ aggressions and  neglects are causing me,
I have felt constrained to report your failures and consequent-victimisations
to my MP as being the only person remaining who is at all humanly accessible to these Matters.  

Neither your telephone nor online services are sufficiently communicable;
in fact they only act as “blockages” to communication.

This is all very very “scary”,
especially further amidst both the pandemics and the also-imminent huge “hike” in Gas & Electricity Bills;

and the likewise inevitable food and other shortages,

and the imminent “collapse” of both the Global Fiat Financial System and of the NHS:

and still no sign of a “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
nor even of the  “‘No-Lose’ Method III of Needs-&-Hows-Planning and Cooperative Problem Solving” 5 0r 6 Steps.

Yours under duress; 
PS And there are many further disturbing and malfeasance facts and factors, too