Co-‘Worthying “Bankrolling”

Our Worldwide Main Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing
will be done initially through voluntarily-donated
“Kitties” and “Pools”.


The “Self-Means-Tested ‘Neighbour'”
will put aside a certain amount each week
as their membership donation
towards meeting
the Expenses of their
“New Co-Sustaib-Worthy-ing
Neighbourhood Lifeplace

In almost all neighbourhoods of the World to date,
no such Co-Sustainworthying ‘Tree’ structure yet exists;

and so these funds need to be
such as by
“Feeding The Birds Tuppence A Bag”
[especially an hour before sunset in the cold winter-time].




Tuesday 01 February 2022->
Pause and ‘break’ fr Offline Sustainworthying ->