Man-Made Mistakes

The “Big Question” is no longer
the ‘little’ one of

“Can a heavy sea-freighter’s
24-years experienced captain
rightly-over-rule his 32-year old
but also many years experienced and qualified
female 2nd-in Command on the Bridge,

in a deadly and increasing Hurricane
when she phones him
on his bunk in the middle of the night
to strongly suggest
a new emergency change of course
to safety
between two nearby islands closer-to-shore
and away from the unusually violent storm
which was then unexpectedly changing course
and would probably soon engulf them

by ordering
a full-speed continuation
on their existing course ?”

[Which in fact then resulted in the whole ship
with 3,000 Containers on deck
and 500+ motor vehicles in the holds,
along with him, her and all of the crew,
being overcome by the storm
and sent to the bottom of the sea. ]

The El Faso.

“Is it remotely possible
that so many of our
Rulers, Leaders & Experts
can and do make mistakes ?”



“How probable has it become
that our rulers and leaders
as well as the occasional commander
have been and still are
not only
‘making mistakes’
but deliberatively so doing ?”


Multi-Billionaire Elon Musk
has just burned0up and crashed
Multi-Billions of Dollars
Precious Money, Matierials and Human-Effort
building and rocketing a special spacecraft
to actually crash into smithereens on the Moon itself.
‘President’ Putin of Russia
is spending Tens of Millions
of similarly precious Money, Materials and Human-Effort
amassing Russian troops on Ukraine’s national borders –
thus causing Ukraine and NATO Countries
to likewise urgently prepare their defences
against a probable-looking
Russian-Blitz-Invasive War against us.


The Man-Made
” ‘Sinkhole-like’ Lifesupports Shortfall “
is still in huge progress.



So is
“Climate-Worsening and Collapsing”.


So are both our worldwide
lagging, lapsing and ‘collapsing’.



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