Suppressed Public Information

We have ‘submitted’ the following to a World News channel :-

If you are “allowed”
[by your overruling Nation-State or “Private”-Billionaires ‘dictators’]
to both report and scrutinise all facts, factors, findings and ‘fields’ –

why aren’t you yet reporting-on & publicly-discussing on the contents of   [*]
a not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence, 
non-fictional, formally-argued and morally-reasoned
voluntarily-altruistic “whistleblowing” e-site 

a site which is about “Good”
but avoided, neglected and  repressed
as well as ‘unmasking’ “Bad” Governmental, Criminal,
UN and Media policies, biases,
and covertnesses, mass-destructivenesses, and lifesupports-extinctions. 

And why do you promote the
‘de-facto-profiteering’  “panic” buying of Gold bullion, 
which is only exacerbating the now-irreversible Collapse of Fiat Currencies? 

So :- . 
Why do you not strongly promote
(i) Co-Sustainworthying;
(ii) Individual Human Self-Movability Co-Improving; and
(iii) Wholesomely-Holistic Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building-&-
Maintaining” ??? 

With best regards,
John Miles. 
PS  and
are older ‘support’ sites to,
showing more “Suppressed-Non-Fiction Advances Lists”  –
advances which would have avoided
the disasters and collapses now in train,
even if the Rulers and World-Peoples had heeded
the simple warning from Prof Albert Einstein
(“) We can’t solve today’s problems
by using the same minds and mindsets
that caused and continues them in the first place(“)