Sustainworthying ‘Warnings’

Timber Logging Company
had obtained a
to begin logging into
a certain specific small area
of wild jungle.

Their leader had the task of going on ahead
with climbing gear, and an amplified megaphone
to find the tallest tree atop the nearby hill,
climb to the top of it,
take bearings,
and confirm the area the Logging-Workforce was in.

They would light a small fire to make smoke first.
– – – – –

On the day, all was in progress;
the leader was on his way to the hilltop,
the workforce on its way to the specific small area.
– – – – –
the workforces foreman had fallen sick
and been replaced by a ‘back-up-man’,
feeling ‘under sudden pressure’,
and seeing the fire already being lit,
ordered an immediate commencement of felling.
– – – – –

The leader, meanwhile, still had ten minutes to go
before he reached the top of his overlooking tree.

seeing that the smoke was rising from
a neighbouring patch to the specified one,
he immediately bellowed into the megaphone

“Wrong Jungle !”

“Wrong Jungle!”

But a burly chain-sawyer’s voice bellowed back

“Shaaddup, we’re doing better than ever before!!”