Sustainworthy Self-Sufficiency

It is now
“on the cards”
each and every
nation, community and neighbourhood
of People
all around the world,
will have to quite suddenly become
to the exclusion of exports-&-imports.
Facts & ‘Factoramas’.

The “Hidden” major possibility is

Fossil Fuels will run out;
coupled to

Viruses will start genociding Humankind
in billions
over just a few weeks, even days,
not just by one or two million a year
as with the present Covid19 epidemic.

Our Humankind Governance & ‘Leadership’
is proving
“not fit for Longest-term,
nor medium and short terms,

If any of the world’s mega-volcanoes erupts,
it may trigger all of the others
in a ‘toppling-dominoes-like-collapse’
which would be the end of all major lifeforms on Earth,
leaving only the tiniest and microscopic “few” species to continue.
Already Humankind is one-way irreversibly
destroying. extincting, polluting, and degrading
both bio- and non-bio lifesupports;
and is further ‘Midas-like’ failing to

co-sustainworthyingly educate
the world’s Peoples in the 128hr/week Lifeplace;
train them [all]
in the future-necessary
Sustainworthyingly Deliberative Democratisation
sustainworthingly train
the world workforce
in the 40hrs/week Workforce’;
Included in this
Overall-Humankind Unfitness-for-Purpose are

the several population-levels
of the
“Socially-Mobile, Multi-Human-Livings overpaying,
deluded & fantasising
“Pay-Graded Unsustainable and Anti-Sustainworthying
Global-New-Order Civilisation Pyramid.
Possible Furtherly ;


Pause and ‘break’ for more offline sustainworthying
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