More ‘Disaster’ Facts & Factors.

Decades ago scientists reported that
our Humankind Population
Desired Standard of Living
was consuming
much more
than Planet Earth can continue supporting.

Only last year (2021)
when a Chinese ‘ambassador’ was being
interviewed on TV
and “grilled” over “consumption-figures”
he politely answered thus-wise :

“When your European Colonial Powers
had supplies from their overseas colonies
they literally paid nothing for them
and further
prevented local industry from being set up –
instead taking the raw materials to the UK,
secondarily and tertiary processing them
and then actually selling and exporting
the end-product
back to the colonial native peoples.

And to this day,
you are ‘reaping’ high interest payments
from those and other 3rd and 4th world countries,
as much as 9-times more
than you are giving out in “Foreign Aid”;

and your banks are actually “hoarding”
those huge overpayments,
without making them available
to your own struggling small businesses;

and this is also long after
those “debtor” countries had repaid
the whole of the capital part of those Loans. (“)

(“)In China’s case,
what we are taking
from foreign countries
we are paying full international market price for;
and are making those goods
instantly available to our People
and as exports –
without a shot being fired –

which is more “democratic”
than your Western “democracies”
which are still securing goods
by firearms militancy. (“)

(“) Finally, if the World were to follow
that Western World
[which is to bring all Peoples up
to the 20th century Western standard-of-living
we would already require
5 (five)
such Planet Earth’s
as this [now seriously-declining] one !(“)


Monday 10 January 2022>

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