“Time-&-Tide…” & “Energies”

There are many human energies.

You notice this
when you find something quite important
that you have been “by-passing” –

and that may further-remind you of
all the other things you’ve had to
“keep by-passing”.
This “sustainworthying-person’s”
Fridges and Freezer
keep getting

TV Freeview Humax Recorder
gets “dutifully citizenlike”

recording the
“whole-series” of
News & Serious-Documentaries channels
[such as BBC “HARDtalk”, RT”Keiser-Report”;
Al Jazeera’s “Witness”,
and naturally all of
David Attenborough’s
Natural-Environmental Documentaries.

When this now 94 y.o.
http://lifefresh.net author & editing-publisher
tried to persuade his 99 y.o sister,
a retired
Radiographer/Girl-Guides Commissioner/
Church-Reader and Organist (manuals-only)/
Trefoil Guild … and a number of other
to buy such a TV Recorder
and record valuable programmes
whilst still watching a more important one
she simply asked
“When am I going to find time
to watch all these piled-up recordings, John ?”

Now, what’s more –
going to find
all the differently-appropriate
“energies” & “reminders”

to tackle and complete
all my different kinds of “pilings-up” !

Friday 17122021 –>

johnsdmiles@gmail.com 0909 –>

Gone offline sustainworthying …