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‘Introspection’ and ‘Introversion’ …

[from Wikipedia]

Introspection is the self-observation of one’s mental processes.

Introspection may also refer to:
[various. beginning with some ‘Music’ items]

There are three principal disambiguation scenarios,
of which the following are examples:

The page at Joker is a disambiguation page,
leading to all the alternative uses of “Joker”.
It has a {{Disambiguation}} template at the bottom.

The page at Rice is about one usage, called the primary topic,
and there is a short message at the top of the page,
called a hatnote and created with the {{Other uses}} template,
guiding readers to Rice (disambiguation) 
so other uses of the term can be found.

The page at Anita Hill is about the primary topic,
and there is only one other use.
The other use is linked directly using a hatnote 
created with the {{For}} template;
no disambiguation page is needed.
(and its numerical-character form, 3)
is not just a ‘valuable’ Humankind-item;

it is majorly both a necessary and essential one.


“Left, Right and Centre”;
“Horizontal, Longitudinal, and Vertical”;
“Positively, Neutrally, and Negatively”;
“High, Middle, Low”;
“Behind, In-Place. In-Front”;
“Presto, Moderato, Lento”;
“Descriptive, Prescriptive, Stipulative (Definitions)”;

“The Divine.
The Human;
The Personal
[Life-Energies & Purposes/Intentions/’Interests’]”.

“The ‘Threes-Tables Progressive Plenum’
is the fundamental governancial people-unit
for a
[and its necessary forerunner ‘Democratisation’]
to function ‘maximally’ and ‘best-effectively’.”


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