UK’s “Evil-Planned” Future ?

Non-fiction books have long shown that the UK is: 

‘Ripping-off’ 3rd and 4th world countries,
to the ‘tune’ of 8 or 9 times more in Money 
than it is giving them
via the World Foreign Aid Programme. 

‘Collaring’, consuming & wasting
500% more
than its fair share
of the Earth’s Resources
and of Other Peoples’ Produce
[whilst the USA is ‘ripping off’
900% more than its fair share].

{see TV Eden channel documentary 
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
hosted by Sir David Attenborough}. 

How can we be
“compulsorily avoiding ‘factoring-in'”
these so obviously 
Democratic-Governance Malfeasances ?

and further concealing
whatever Basic-Foundation
we are actually
“rightly” and “co-sustainworthyingly”
working and future-planning upon ? 
Please see the
not-for-profit public non-fictional e-site
and its overall
“Raison-D’Etre ” and “Future-Roadmapping”.

John Miles.