Facing the “Evils”

We can reduce our
“hiding under the bedclothes”
in the following
safe awake and self-awaring ways:
Keeping all of our body-parts
easily self-movable
very frequently-continually
our eating & drinking habits
[Buying more fresh salad items and vegetables
and “whizz-mixing” them into a wet-mash
easy to mix in with soups,
to add to sandwiches,
eat ‘as-is’ with a spoon,
and serve as a side-salad.]

Tuning-in to
and Recording
Non-Fiction Documentaries
i.e. and e.g.

TV News-Wise
Al Jazeera’s “Witness”;

RTNews’s “Keiser Report”;

BBCNews “HARDtalk”.


Going offline sustainworthying …