21+ Years to Master Movement.

The Single or Most-Essential
“Ingredient” or “Ability”
of any Lifeform

and as the previous post showed,

we human-beings have to focus manifoldly
on our self-movability
indeed, on our plural self-movabilities,
in order to

‘ Escape’ being the already-weakest from birth lifeform
in this Earth-bio-respect

make up for the further
caused by our protective civilisation.

do our best
with the self-movability opportunities
and guidances
that we do have
throughout our lifespan.
Guidance #1
Moving From The Inside Out
(McLennan & Peck).

Let us prepare
to begin
‘working-or-living our way through’
a total of 29
“Try It Yourself”

Most of these ‘Try It Yourself’ titles
may look as if
the exploration can be over and done with
in no more than a minute or so –

not so !

There are many distinctly different
‘experiences’ to be ‘had’ (and ‘enjoyed’)
within each one of the ‘exercises’ or ‘explorations’.
TIY 1.1
Revisit: sucking and swallowing …
“Take a straw and a glass of water …
and begin to gently explore the differences between
sucking, swallowing and breathing …”

“Now put your thumb in your mouth instead,
and bein sucking that …”

TIY 1.2
“Sense how you stand, and walk …”

TIY 1.3
“Find mobility through the torso …”

TIY 2.1
“Align your hand, wrist and forearm …”
TIY 3.1
“Explore spinal movements …”
TIY 4.1
“Sense how effort spreads …”
TIY 5.1
“Find the axes of rotation For your head …”
TIY 6.1
“Lift with attention* …”

Note from Laban’s Effort
that the four domains respectively show
SPACE: your Attention
WEIGHT: your Intention
TIME: your Decision
FLOW: your Precision.



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