Why be “Sustain-Worthy-ing” ?

The Hitlerian Third Reich was
for more than a whole decade (>12 years) –

and Analysts afterwards found that
if those Nazis had won WW2
that Third Reich could have gone on being
even for longer than its ideal-aim of “a thousand years”.

Our Allied problem with it was that
it was never

Our “Free-World” Task became
“Having won the war,
we now have to ‘sustain-worthily’
win the peace”.


Since before an early
‘World-Leaders’ CLimate Tackling Conference
in South America (~1980)
immediately-insidiously began failing,
all previous attempts
to overall
peacefully and sustainworthily
“win-the-peace ”
had been >51% failing

“Sustainability Major World Policy”
began to show
that it had seriously insufficient
“sustain-worthiness ing”
built-&-factored into its
foundations, constitutions and implementations.

A major “cause” of that still-ongoing Failure
is undoubtedly
the inefficiency of the wordings being “set-in-concrete”
With the World Climate
already visibly and measurably
hugely worsening
way back even before the 1950s
oncoming disasters
including the “Ozone Hole”

[which incidentally has not been
simply by the huge hole eventually
‘closing’ –
because closing the hole has meant
the serious “thinning” of the whole
of that EarthLife-Protecting Ozone Layer]

World Professionals and Ruling-Politicians
euphemistically named the
already becoming irreversible

Climate Worsening
and possible
a mere
Climate ‘Change’ event …
(possibly for the “better”).

Take also constitutionally set-in-concrete terms like
“Health Service”
for what is in fact the
National Hospitals, Illnesses and Pharmacological-Drugs Sector”.
for what is in fact
“Embezzlement of the Workforce’s Produce”.
Private Ownership
for what is in fact
“In-Common Goods & Services.



Ever interimly offline sustainworthying”

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