Confronting Constituted Corruption.

It is almost Sunday again –
and how prepared are we
– and are you –
to confront Religion’s
“Constituted Corruptions” ?

Of which there are many ?

“One human being needs [just] one human living” –
so “Religious ‘Leaders'” are corrupt
in thinking
(being self-&-class-deluded)
and getting paid and perkeds as if
they are (each)
more human beings than [just] one.

How our homo sapiens sapiens forebears
before and during the Christian centuries
were discovering and sanctifying
The Sevenfold Innately Divine Human Life Energies
long before Jesus’s birth
had established an
Office of The Christ.
[see David Pawson Unlocking The Bible]

May have been
by more-advanced
Extra-Terrestrial Technicians

who in turn are still “fallible”

and may have
“made a mistake”
in their manipulations of
The Romans and the People
including of Jesus and the Disciples ?


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