Self-Movability Re-Visited …

Before we arrived at today’s
“Infinite Complexity” of “Existentialities”,
our Humankind
homo sapiens sapiens
had contrarily-enough accumulated many
“evolutionary-survival impairments & disabilities


our ‘tails’ and ‘protective-hairiness’
had to be reduced to almost nothing.
Our feet had to become “platforms to walk upon”.
Human babies had to born three-months prematurely
because the mother had to run fast to escape predators
but the pelvic opening had to be kept ‘small’
to enable humankind to survive
the ensuing thousands of years
of life-or-death competitive evolution.
Further ‘disabling’
the human baby is the only lifeform baby on Earth
that is born
not knowing
how to move itself in order to survive.

The further civilisation-costs of
and of

and we,
the “mighty”
homo sapiens sapiens
have quite possibly become
“the bio-evolutionarily weakest lifeform on Earth !”

and our [*] Technology Advance
turned us into a veritable
“Plague upon Earth” !!

further quite possibly,
the more advanced [**] ETs “injected” technology.
more advanced, but nonetheless still “fallible” …
Australian Professor Jonathan Stone.

Thursday 111121
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