Your publisher “jsdm”
came out of our
1030 to1330 “co-self-healthing session” today

in time to ‘catch’ the RT News exposure of
“Boys abuse within religious organisations”
and how this is now
a “big-time weekly news-feature”.

Next followed exposure of the
some countries’ excess-populations
attempting to flee
into other countries
but being refused entry
thus perishing in the “wild”.
Our Lifefresh.net point is
had the civilisational education of all children
only kept up-to-date with & ‘delivered’
the best and truest findings
in Human Development
(such as that there is
an Innately Divine
7-Fold Human Energies Sequence
proceeding from babyhood up to the age of 21)


not only would there not be
such large numbers
children & subsequent adults
there would not have been
the overpopulation
that also consequently
is an ongoing major cause
of the worldwide imminent
that our human race is now
24/7 politically-&-media-led
“busy trying to avoid facing”.

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