“Little Things …”

In the dead of night, the day before the WW2 D-Day,
long columns of Army vehicles packed with soldiers
were quietly creeping westwards
from the Plymouth mainland into Cornwall.

Just west of the Ploughboy Inn lived a Messenger boy,
who had ventured outdoors
to ‘observe’ this “great long drone”,

and as the convoy passed
it slowed even further and paused –

and a soldier’s head appeared
from the ‘navigator’s seat’ of one great lorry,
just above where the boy now stood ,
directly between the Woods’s market garden
and the Inn’s blacked-out windows.:

“You live here ?” urgently whispered the soldier.
“Yes …”
(The convoy began to stir forward again. ‘dead-slowly’ …)

“What’s your name ?” asked the soldier, even more urgently
leaning as far out of the window as it would allow,
as if he really wanted to come right out …
“John …” said the boy quickly,
“Your surname …”
“… Miles”
“Mine’s ‘Moon’ … “

but the lorries now more roaringly began speeding away.

“Will you remember that – promise me ?”
the soldier almost ‘demanded’;
“Yes…yes, I will”
called back the boy.

Private Moon …
Mr Moon,
if he made it back into Civvy Street.
“Little things mean a lot”

and almost 80 years later,
that boy
now a frailer old man
has bought a
“self-control exercise DVD”
the Trainer in which uses one ordinary word
which is nevertheless
“sticking” –
like the “Christ-seed”
that fell by the wayside
but germinated and grew:

“effective” .

“We find exercises which are safe and effective …”(*)
We need to adopt such real-life-sense thoughts as
for our Sustainworthying ?
Even when
we may not need anything else
from that particular source ?


Bedroom Workout for Men
by Andy Troy, CSCS.

Friday 29 October 2021 ——->
Offline sustainworthying.