Someone once insightly reflected that
Common-Sense is all too rare“.
Perhaps this one of the
“natural human functions”
can be found more often
and with more people
than was at that time
immediately ‘evident’.

In descriptively calling our
“renewed personal & common life-cause”

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying …”

we are re-affirming that we need first of all
to take frequently-continual
of our own
personally-individual ‘whole-self’;

and to do so in ways that will
“help others ”

or rather
will be
enough to be
readily emulated
by others.
So when we “take stock of ourself”
we can also be finding ‘new’ ways of
our own-selves

our own selves being manageable
guided by
“emulable life-leaders”
who have non-fictionally published
the hitherto “hidden” but
“wholesomely-healthy ” ways
with which to begin
achieving and habituating
That is how this e-site

comes to be able to support,
and sometimes
to ‘lead’
by showing details of, and from.
“emulable lifeplace leaders”
whose findings are available
in non-fiction book and video form.
Between The Powers of Earth And ‘Heaven’

one may
“wholesomely self-sequence”

nurturing, ‘therapying’ and improving
one’s own

that make up one’s

This sequence begins at
The Earth
that is supporting one
through one’s body-part’s contact with it :
Through :

the soles of one’s feet;

one’s back-parts; pelvis;
shoulders; back of head;

one’s sitzbones;

All-Fours Kneelingly
one’s hands and knees.
The “sequencing” itself
is with our

minimally and optimally
small, slow, gentle, steadily-continuous,
pause-able and reversible
very-aware and self-controlled
basic movements
and common movement-patterns

especially ‘performing’
[practicing first always, of course]

direct-lines; arcs and circles;
squares and crosses;
and other common-shapes.

In a natural human-sleep-cycle timeframe
of 90 minutes
sub-divided into
10 minutes practice-frames
preset signallable
by clock or cellphone’s “snoozing”;

further sub-divided into 1 minutes timeslots
for specific movement, stillness, therapying,
exploring, or focal-practicing

one can be both

This e-site
can frequently be ‘live online’ in support of
90+15 minutes sessions
which start at a cardinal time-point
and end at the next cardinal time-point
plus 15 minutes “awake-assimilation” time.


and go oflline-sustainworthying awhile —>

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Sunday 24 October 2021 ——->