UK Govt Intercommunications.

Please respond to my continuous attempts
to urgently contact DWP re 
Pensions Credit documentation dated 14102021 signed by M.O. 
in which every one of the given DWP addresses
has either not responded e.g your email address;
or been set-up to not be able to be contacted
e.g. your telephone/text numbers. 

I did find this your purportedly updated email address
and began trying to send the necessarily urgent messages to you,
but have had no response from you (DWP). –

other than one ‘random’ phonecall I made that ‘got-through’
where the recipient officer noted that
My Australian part-pension documents are in the mail from Centrelink Australia
but will not be here for at least a week beyond the deadline dates given in your aforesaid documents 

Since my Pension Credit payments may be being stopped, or even cancelled, thus ‘threatening my life’,
I must both inform my MP and 
show the matter publicly via
the voluntary not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence e-site .

With due respects, 
John Miles.