In each of our SPACE domain planes’
we need to be
finding our own limits
and then staying [‘living’} within them.
We need to be
“right-sequencing, right-timing, and right-efforting”

We perhaps “should” (naturally) begin at the
Soles of our Feet
Whichever body-parts
are in direct contact
with the Ground (‘one’sEarth’) …

and when we arrive at the Neck
and slowly begin gently
stirring that
up-and-down ‘noddingly’
these ‘guidances’

with the upper-eyelids lowered
(but the eyes-&-mind behind them
remaining ‘wide-open’)
one will come across
moving the eyeballs’ musculature also.
Also ‘discovering’ that one will
firstly circle the eyes.

then make
both square and diagonal crosses
with them –

then remember that
these eyes also need to be
far-near alternated.

‘Wider-experientially’ now,
one realises that
one should be
beginning with that ‘weakest’ one
‘near-ing & far-ing’
Our whole body having likewise has a ‘weakest’ plane,
we now may begin endeavouring
to remember to begin with that plane –

viewed external-environmentally
and internally.

The externals are
Vertical = ‘up-&down’ ‘floor to ceiling’
Horizontally = ‘sideways’ ‘wall-to-wall’
Longitudinally = ‘forwards and backwards’ ‘wheel-like’


[And this writer
is somewhat “lost” here already]

When lying horizontal supinely;
possibly the “vertical” or “longitudinal” one …

[This writer self-recuses at this point !]

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