Words That Secretly ‘Enslave’.

Yes, since before birth,
our sense and brains
have been being cumulatively possessed by
“sounds” and “words”
including by
“wordings”(groups of words)
further including
words and phrases.

To ‘cut straight to the cackle’
take the key Trickster word from the previous post
which is the complete opposite of
the Premeditated-Fact of it :-
“Slaughtered human-beings,
soldiers, sailors, airmen, and civilians”
(in Wartime. ‘mainly’)
Such deceptional words are
in hidden point of fact
our Mind-Functions. [**]


“Mental Health Issue”
“Mental health Problem”

once your mind-functions have been sufficiently
‘deconflated’ and ‘restored-to-holistic health’
you come to “see through” such trickeries
even consitutionally-entrenched ones
of which there are all too many.

has the on-the-ground real-life sense of
has the opposite sense to “Disease”/”Illness”;
[so if you have something “healthy”
you actually have no “problem” –
and you can’t have an “Issue” anyway,
that term is a ‘collective’ one
around many people
– like ‘pandemic’.


“David said
All men are liars’;
David is a man;
Therefore David is a liar;
Therefore what David said is not true:

Therefore All men are not liars;
Therefore David is not a liar;
Therefore what David said is True;
Therefore …


Time for a pause-break to Offline-Sustainworthying !



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