The Human Response Factor.

We now alternate between
“Analytical and Synthetical
Mind-Functions & Somatic Abilities”.

Naturally we begin extravertedly
our immediate personal environment.

One of our mind-functions
has the pre-conscious task of
the immediately-potentially-intrinsic factors
in this environment
it is raining,
the ground is both sloping and slipperily-muddy,

the wind is gale-force-gusty …

I am cold and afraid of falling down

and even of sliding away down the hill
and getting bashed against a rock or tree

or against one of those cars
parked along the roadside there …

I am also hungry …
and there’s only ice-cream at home in the fridge ..’
Here, mind-functionally you see,
we are not talking
“costs” i.e. “money-values”
“performances” i.e. “intrinsic-values”


Offline sustainworthying … awhile …