Further ‘sustainworthyingly’ …

It behoves us all most of the time.
to be
“… practicing…”

our ‘lone’ sustainworthying

and to somehow
before and after
when we are
attempting some ‘new-or-newish’
co-sustainworthying item, piece, or fragment
so as to be not-mistaken for
“genuinely-‘stating'” ”’
An Instantial ‘Thinking’ Detail

Whilst the term
holds a masculine ending,
being men’
females could label themselves
The “background-etymologistic’ picture”
could then be something like
“God is/was the Original Practicor** & Creator;
which could make our collective-session word
“practicors” –
We are co-sustainworthying practices
Most people can place both hands
slightly apart
palms down
fingers apart
on their lower belly;
some on their thighs;
some ‘simply’ hands-together.

This enables a specially
kind of

and may well also
one’s meditative practice, too.
One may use one’s fingers
to ‘signal’
in morse-code

from far left to far right (***)
to ‘signal’ alphabetically

and also
to count
left little finger
1 (one)
dit-dah dah dah dah


P and p in morse code are signalled as
dot dash dash dot
Practice-or and also Practise-or.
Fingering as with a piano keyboard
Left hand
little finger a1 b2 c3 d4 e5(left thumb)
Right hand
thumbf6 forefingerg7
8 9 0(right little finger – is also number 0 nought dah-dah-dah-dah-dah.

When we get to Z (right thumb; we’re “done”;
we have forefinger, middle finger, RH4th finger and little finger
so they may be used for signalling certain
including punctuations
hyphen dah dit dit dit dit dah
inverted-comma dit dah dah dah dah dit.
Full stop dit dah dit dah dit dah.
Message-ends dit dah dit dah dit.

(letter K) dah dit dah = Carry-on or “Over-to-you”.
(Letter R) dit dah dit = “Yr message received”

dah dah dit dit dah dah or dit dit dah dah dit dit
I’m not sure which
= Comma

(Letterr I i) twice dit-dit dit-dit = This line is still open but temporarily silent.

(Letters AS) dit-dah-dit-dit-dit = “Wait”
thus “Waiting” could be
ditdahditditdit ditdit-dahdit-dahdahdit.

8 dots ditditditditditditditdit
= delete this character or the immediately foregoing
(one then simply goes back to the end of the last correct term).


Happy Morse-ings !


And happy
PPP “self-re-sensitisings” ppp



Offline sustainworthying

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