Even Our ‘Best’ Are ‘Obsolescenting’

The following response to a Humanists UK circular-email
about “fair-play”
has been submitted today Friday 100921:-

[“] Unless Humanists Worldwide, as well as UK,
become equal-top-priority 
“Self & Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying…”, 
I’m afraid you will ‘Humanists’ each and all
be like, and be continuing  ‘subservient’ to, 
the Main-Overall-Militantly-Destructive Civilisation –

Please find a humanist,
somewhere in your world network,
who could be willing and able
to respond ‘positively-critically’
re the key content of
not-for-profit http://lifefresh.net .

Otherwise, I can only consider myself-&-life-commitment
to be being  “excluded” by Humanism.

John Miles.[“]