Publishing Your Comment here …

We try to maintain “safe-timeframes”
when comments can be
‘by-return’ acknowledged and responded to.

Today now
2030 to 2100

To “escape” the clutches of Spam” –
we try
this post
for your comments to be
both received and ‘by-return’ responded to –

pre-notified today 2030 to 2100.

Gradually we will attempt so doing for all ‘current’ posts.

‘Bear with us, please …’
we have to do a lot of switching posts and clicking boxes !


Because of the unstoppable abuse by “Spams” –

and the only way of keeping them out
being by closing-off to all comments –

we need to find a way of
having this site reasonably-timeframed
to both receive genuine comments
and ‘reasonably-immediately’
acknowledge and respond to them.

We could try
having the editing-publisher this end
at pre-specified
Beginning that right now,
this post will be open-for-comments from

now 1919 until 1930
(that’s just a very brief ‘window’ to begin with)

this post, remember
“safely open to comments”
again today
from 2030 to 2100