Keeping Yourself Up-To-Date …

It could be not only
as well :

think your way through
the following three ‘succinct’ advices and wisdoms’ :-

“You can’t expect
the disastrous Problems facing us
to be solved by
the same Minds & Mindsets
that created them in the first place !(“).
(Prof Albert Einstein)
(“) I’m staring at the lifeless rigid skeleton
in the corner of my surgery,
waiting for a patient;
and wondering
‘What are we really here for ?’ –
and an answer soon came to me –
‘Surely, we’re here
to help people
to move theirselves better’ (“)
(Prof Mabel Todd).
(“) In order to meet the ‘world-aim’
of raising
the whole 7 billion world-population
up to the present-day living-standard
of the middle-class Western World.
we will already need to be drawing on
5 (five) Earths Lifesupports (“)
(Chinese Emissary questioned on
UK TV May 2021).