“Civilisationally-Covertly-Fixed Duplicity?

I have contributed 3-emails to 3 ‘top-staff’ in the “new” GBNews –
asking for this http://lifefresh.net e-site Content
to be ‘sorted & publicly-shared’.

Yet ‘big-boss’ Andrew Neil
and two other ‘top-staff’
have not even acknowledged receipt of their email,
let alone attempted any fair-critical response.
So, firstly, I have “unsubscribed” from membership therof.
Since In general all of that ‘new’ GBNews staff
are publicly claiming to be
not just “hearing” every-body but
(“) actively-seeking-out people’s –
especially ‘the ‘suppressed’ ‘repressed’ ‘exploited’
and ‘manipulated’ individuals’ –
needs and life-experiences (“).
having just heard Andrew Doyle’ claims
[including to
(“) represent any-one
who has a real-need
that is being officially denied(“)]
during their first broadcast yesterday Sunday evening
(being repeated today Monday it seems)]
I have sent an email to him
asking him to look into
http://lifefresh.net’s Content.

0329 Monday 14 June 2-21
author & editing-publisher of


Now going offline-sustainworthying.