S’Worthily Strategicly & Tactically.

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because we have progressed
in assembling this 6′ x 2’6″ x 2’3″
kitchen-greens-growing-house –

and found further essential ‘instructions’ :-
In assembling the very first essential
is to ‘be equally-tapping’
the long horizontal cross-tubes
into their respectively holes –
(i) place the holes bar on the floor holes upwards
one at a time, tap the long bars into their holes
(you may need to be
‘attentively-sensing’ this ‘precarious-business’ –
both the ‘sliding-in’ a mm at a time
and the ‘self-uprighting’ of the tube
as it ‘goes-home’ the final mm or so.
place the other-end hole-bar on the floor
and one-at a time centre each tube on its hole –
your first ‘difficulty’ being
to get each tube-end just 1mm inside its hole
(otherwise the ones you’re not focusing on
will silently quit their holes !)

You then tap them in turn
1 mm further into their holes.
Next-Vitally …
green-tie-wire the two end-bars together
(parallel to the respective long-tube)
and green-string
can be further used to tighten each such wiring
[green-garden-wire, thin or a bit thicker].

Sustain-Worthily Strategicly & Tactically.


Check the
“C/F-Now”* Strategy & Tactic.

Publicly distinguish
every difference
[especially the “dangerous” or “inhibiting”]
” the established” and “the now-&-future-needed”.
Humankind’s civilised-future
needs to innovatively-include
Outdoor and Indoor
Kitchen-Gardening” –
we find the
“Small Growhouse”
to be ‘a potentially-ideal adjunct’ :
“http:/lifefresh.net ‘virtual-co-sustainworthying-folk'”
have one such just arrived
as a ‘flat-pack’ forus to assemble:
at the outset of which we discover
an insufficiency of “How-to” manufacturer’s notes:
(i) Please put heavy things on the lower tier
and light things on the upper tier,
or you will make this fall down!”.
(ii) Please push every tube to the end of the plastic connector
to make sure the cover can fit he vframe properly.”
No mention of the main needs there
to put (ii) first and (i) second
then to assemble the lowest tier first
additionally wire it together
before starting to add the short verticals.

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“Being Carried-Forward-Now” (pre-existing) Strategy & Tactic:

be prepared to “up-date”;”amend”; or “evidentially-confirm**”.
its success so far and ‘ongoingly’ evdentially.