“In This Together …”

The following has been submitted to
Landlord Clarion Housing Association
today Tuesday 08062021.

(“) Thank you for more fully responding – but you are still being somewhat
‘group-think- selective and ‘strawmanning’ in your answering.

 It is not just “I” who advocate
health-co-building, wellness, wellbeing and “no-lose’ association”; –
it is the United Nations, the W.H.O.
and the new world-peoples’-mantra
“We Are All In This Together”.

Furthermore, Clarion has either
‘failed’ to see the permanent-ban
mistakenly and wrongly placed on me in 2014
by Affinity-Sutton’s Colebrook Halls-Manager Donovan Henn,
it has ‘complicitly-hidden’ that from you.

[And there is much more to be included in our
“Homes, Housing & Neighbourhoods Needs”. 
I try to ‘cooperatively’  keep up with
all Earth’s & Humankind’s Needs-&-Hows and ‘Predicaments,
via http://lifefresh.net ] .

John Miles.”