Our English ‘Corruptions’

At Keele University 1954,
after a one-off slight overdose of Dexadrine
to sit up all night typing my first [English] essay,
and feeling badly ‘down’ next morning
and after only one hour’s sleep –

both the Campus doctor and the local-psychiatrist
misdiagnosed and wrongly
managed and treated me;

such that
(1) My spine was cracked by (wrongful) ‘raw’ ECT;
(2) 3 months of deep insulin coma ‘therapy’ also nearly killed me _
(3) I was feeling no ‘better’;
(4) I could not return to the University
after the University’s and doctors’ promised
“two weeks rest in the modern Leek Hospital”
had ‘failed’.
(5) A 4th year student recommended
I write to Dr Torrey up in Yorkshire’s “The Retreat” –
who in turn wrote back
recommending contact with
The Jungian Withymead Centre
at Countess Wear near Exeter.-
which I did – and was ‘accepted’ …

But further ‘iatrogenic-failures’ set-in, one after another …
including further wrong-diagnosis
[‘case-history group-think’-wise]
and iatrogenicly-injurious ‘Chlorpromezane’
(drugging-down treatment)
also set-in, for year-after-year,
and in 1972 re-trained as an Electronics technician
and working ‘secretly’ for AGI in Croydon,
and ‘chance-marrying’
an ‘iatrogenicly-widowed’ Polish-Australian ‘2nd-class citizen’
[Adela Blazejak nee Lewandowska]
(who had two grown sons Tadeusz and Richard in Australia)
and emigrating there, with her,
a Philips Electronic Factory’s doctor
likewise ‘group-think’ prognosed
that I must take that drug
(‘) for the rest of my life (‘) –

but over the next two years I actually ‘weaned’ myself off it –

but the “sad-story continued –
for Adela
in her pre-existing iatrogenic-injury
personal predicament –
as well as for me
“with my History” …

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