“The United Peoples”

The following submission has been sent to the United Nations & University :-

Would someone ‘high-up in the UN & its Varsity Media’
kindly reply ‘informedly’
to both the public and my individual ‘voluntary-interim editing-publisher’self
about the contents and ‘outlook’ for
http://lifefresh.net’s “Purpose”
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worth-ying;
Individual Human Self-Movabitiy Improving;
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building-&-Maintaining” –
please ?

The site is run out of the joint-state-pension I receive _
and is not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’;
‘dedicated’ to revealing
“corruption”. “neglect”, “iatrogenic-damage”,
and majorly highlighting the ongoing
‘civilisation-suicidal’ “repression”
of non-fiction published ‘sub-mainstream’ advances
in Knowledge, Know-How, and New-Basic-Guidances.

Also now, kindly allow me to sketch two ‘Instances’
of ‘Constituted-Corruption #1’
Intrinsic-Worth-&-Longest-Term-Future Balancing-Wise :-

“One-human-being needs [just] one-human-living”;
and taking that ‘living'[income] to be
£300pw + Special-Need Allowance;
with two single adults as adjacent neighbours
in a standard house-design street,
and all workplace costs
being met by the respective employers;
tenant A has the £300pw income
whilst tenant B has £3,000pw*.
their personally-individual Lifeplace-Needs are the same –
“One-human-being needs [just] one-human-living”.

That ‘micro-scenario’ bottom line looks like this:
Person A “Rent, Food, Clothing, Utilities (etc) Expenses all met
weekly balance ‘left-over’ or ‘in-pocket’ = £0.00;
Peson B has £2,700 ‘left-over’ ‘in-pocket’



This is
“A Civilisationally-Constituted
EarthLife & Humankind

The Hitler Third Reich
for more than 10 years.
and had it won WW2
could have become “sustainable”
for more than its forecast ‘thousand-years’;
“Allied Free World”
problem with it was
that it was never –

A possible “Third” instance could well be
“The United Nations’s ongoing
failure to establish

Worldwide Programme
Individual Human development”.
* £300pw + Special-Need Allowance ‘definitively’
“sufficient for one person entitled to reside in the UK
to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive”.
** Person B could be “any psychiatrist” …
£3,000pw being sufficient for 10 (ten) persons.
the psychiatrist’s further ‘bottom-line-results’ include
(a) being deluded that s/he is 9 more human beings than s/he actually is;
(b) Is only 10% personally-efficient at living (‘making-ends-meet’) in the Lifeplace***
*** = “regardless of how ‘efficient’ they may be in the Workplace**

**** = The Workplace is a
[See here, please: “Mindset” by Prof Caroline Dweck;
Perceptual Self-Control” by Prof William Powers.]

How “all-in-this-together”
can “we”
begin to ‘succeed’ –
and How?


With best and hopeful regards,
John Miles.
PL6 ***; U.K.
092T Wednesday 26 May 2021.