Our New “Human Story”

Our New Human-Story
will be a

‘virtually-biblical-collection’ –



One current “Would-Be Earth-Citizen”
is endeavouring to prepare
a real-life predicament’ question
to put to the Landlord’s
Online Tenants Lecture-Series
Residents’ Question-Time
but the Matter is
“too long”

“too personally-identifiable”
to be accepted
by that Landlord…
“we have to ‘sanitise/objectify’ it first -”
1st Draft-in-Progress


My Question
How does, will, or could,

the voluntarily-altruistic

& not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’

 e-site Contents

that I ‘run’ 


‘fit-in’ with your – and the World’s –


Strategy or “strategic-‘pitch'”?

Welcome & Introduction

xxxxxxx Chair of the XXXXXXX Housing Association Board

A Look Back at 2020

xxxxxxxx Group Chief Executive

Resident Involvement Strategy

xxxxxxxx Chief Operating Officer.
My Question:
When in 2014 I voluntarily not-for-profit hired the XXXXXXXXXXXXX Hall for the purpose of displaying
formally-professionally published Non-Fiction advances in Individual & Collective Human Development, and Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Building and Maintaining. Knowledge & knowhow – but only three people ‘turned-up’ and when I asked the new manager for some help and advice [xxxxxx of XXXXXXXXX] s/he aggressively misunderstood and rushed by car to tear down from among all the other ‘notices/adverts’  the details I had placed there.  When I asked “why only these, and none of the others?” s/he retorted “because they’re ‘Normal’, and you need to be the same as them!”
I assertively protested; but s/he simply failed completely to understand, nor did s/he attempt to comprehend any of the publications I was displaying. Instead, s/he transferred her/his “aggression” to me, rushed away to get her/his xxxx CEO ‘onside’ and wrote me a letter permanently banning me from ever entering the XXXXXXXXXXXXX Hall or the similar (landlord’s) Hall at XXXXXXXXXXX –‘ever again, on pain of arrest for trespass’.
I have asked for a review and resolution many times,
but the Landlord Staff,
and (they said, also their Boardroom)
have simply said “No”.  
The ban remains permanently ‘in-place’.
Now seven years “down the track” in 2021,
as the Earth & Humankind “predicament” deepens, that Ban in some sense, ‘suits me’ –
or rather ‘justifies’ the Co-Sustainworthying ‘Cause’ I support via http:lifefresh.net ‘ 
In short. xxxxxx, XXXXXXXXX, and now XXXXXXX are “shooting-themselves in their foot” by maintaining such a Ban, and “100%-permanently”!
That looks “objectivised” to me –
Your dear-reader’s thoughts, please ?

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