“Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing” …

A YouTube video-clip
the ‘worthinesses’
of various Organs
and of their Players
and their

It also invites
and participation in
A Discussion Group
aiming to improve the whole field of
Organs and Organ-Music.

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There is much seriously-constructive formal argumentation & experiential moral reasoning to be dialogued;
For instance, (I believe that)
we need the Wholesome effects of ‘non-religious-‘evergreen’ music’
‘informally-therapeuticly-expressed on the organ
mainly during tea-parties, coffee-mornings, and other non-liturgical and ‘dogmatic’ times.
Apart from the obvious ‘Jerusalem’, there is a rich scale of ‘evergreens’:
All Through the Night;
I Believe (for every drop of rain that falls);
Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing; 

We’ll Meet Again.
“Easter Day Was a Holiday…”

has the Walter de la Mare poem
“The Listeners”
been seriously set to music,
or been given
a background mood-accompaniment
to its being read aloud ? 

“Is there anybody there”
cried the traveller,

knocking on the moonlit door….

Never a word spoke the listeners … 

(Aye, they heard alright,
those precious few words
 from the one man left alive -..). 

“Tell them i called – that I kept my word”
he cried” –

(and Aye they heard –
when the plunging hooves of his steed
 echoed backwards through the dark forest 

as he rode away into the long lost night).
Our Emotional lives are actually quite “procrusteanised”
by much biblically dogmatic-rhetoric
and narrowly-selective ‘verbalisation’;
but also by much  ‘straitjacketing-religious’ music;

and we organists should –
best-quality other ‘evergreens’
into the music-and-mood backgrounds
that are so eminently-sacredly
and widely
entrusted to us
within our “gift”.
With best rgards,
John Miles… 

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