The following
is attempting to
a speeding
modern-business-trafficade :-

To the Authors of “Humanocracy” via You-Tube.

Michele and Readers.
the following email
sent to your co-author Gary Hamel
should be of interesting relevance :

I have found your book Humanocracy;   good –
but which doesn’t mention
the maybe ‘similar’  2014 book
Holacracy by Brian J. Robertson
forworded by the
Getting Things Done’ author David Allen –

[both who have fallen into
the “modern-gapping-ahead-progress’ trap
by ignoring the English-Language ‘Trust’ Factor
of such terms as “Evolution”
being primarily-exclusively belonging to
Biological-Nature; whereunder Civilisation
“develops” but can not “evolve” –
as “only God can “create” – Man only “alters”.

Such ‘Lanuage-Trust’ words as ‘evolve’
should be clarifyingly-modified
e.g. ‘economics-ly-evolve’ [sic] –
or as in the case of
the UK PM Theresa May’s
to have “evolved” a “better Brexit”.
should have been either
“designed” or “developed” – a ‘Brexit-advance”.]
That ‘background-sketched’ –
could you have someone skim though –
or kindly have a little look yourself – into
a not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’
voluntary e-site
please ?

In it will be found seriously pointed-mentions
and lists of non-fiction  new knowledge
and knowhow advances, 
by such as Guy & Kathlyn Hendricks
and Amy & Arnold Mindell,

also by Beata Jencks and Risa Kaparo

and by many other ‘ignored or forgotten’
‘essential’ historic
but still-evergreenly-current
such as Laban & Lawrence in Effort
[their human-movement-expertises
helped us to win WW2]

and all fully-apposite
to both the Lifeplace [128hrs/week]
and the Workplace [40hrs/week].
I have included
some of my own “cool-reasonings”
such as  that
“One human being needs just one human living”; 
and that the Peaceful-Revolution needed is  one of 
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing”.

[Note: Sustain-abilty has to first
be “worthy-of-such-sustainment: 
Hitler’s Third Reich was “sustain-able
and for more than 10 years –
but was never “sustain-worthy“.].

With best regards,
Yours sincerely, 
John Miles
Joint state-pensioner UK-Australia. .