A question on
by a
Hans Noette

“What is the one thing that changed yourperspecive on life ?”

prompts a Response as follows :-

Finding that many non-fiction research and experiential advances are being published affordably
has been the one-main-thing
changing-my-perspective and life ‘for-the-better’.

Instantially, these are such seriously factual works as “Mindset” by Dweck; “Perceptual Self-Control” by Powers;
“The Divide” by Hickel; “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” by Kaparo; “Wisdom of the Body Moving” by Hartley;
“How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” TV Documentary by Scientists hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

Many other non-fiction and Lifeplace-Enabling-Educational advances I find to be affordably available;
but Alas! most of these are being ignored, ‘poo-pooed’ or outrightly as well as covertly suppressed, by practically all of the Main Governmental, Educational-&-Training Authorities, Media, and Communities’.

Therefore, since Public-Tax-Money helps to pay my State-Pension,
in turn affordably helping me to not-for-profit publicly-show such advances via this has become the “one thing” that “is changing” my pespectives and detailed-lifestyle
‘for the better’
It is proving to be a “worthwhile”,
but “ongoingly-healthily-demanding”,
“new-’co-sustainworthying’ lifestyle”
to be ‘pursued’.