How Balance The ‘Books’ ?


we start
Earth & Humankind-Saving

Some-Prioritisational-Order :-
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Only One Earth
by Rachel Carson.

There Is No Planet B
by Mike Berners-Lee.

This Is Not A Drill
An ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Handbook.

The Allure of Toxic Leaders
Why We Follow Destructive-Bosses
and Corrupt Politicians
and How We Can Survive Them

by Jean Lipman-Blumen.

Weasel Words
[and the deceptions & inhibitions they cause]
by Melissa Jagears.

The Divide
A Brief Guide to Global Inequality
and Its Solutions.

by Jason Hickel.

Pocket World in Figures
by The Economist U.K.

The New Map
[of Our Future World]
by Daniel Yergin.

How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
TV Documentary
[Eden channel]
Leading Scientific Researchers
Real-Life-Problems Experiencers

hosted by David Attenborough.

How Many People Can The Earth Support
The definitive work on the Global Population Problem
by Joel E. Cohen.

Out of the Wreckage
A new politics for an Age of Crises
by George Monbiot.

The Future We Choose
Surviving the Climate Crisis
by Figueres & Rivett-Carnac.

The Survival Group Handbook
How to plan, organise, and lead people
for a short or long-term survival-situation

by Charley Hogwood

7 Skills for the Future
Puts you back in the driving seat of your own life
by Emma Sue Prince.

Indestructible Self-Belief
7 simple steps to getting it and keeping it
by Fiona Harrold.

Moving from the Inside Out
7 Principles for Ease and Mastery in Self-Movement
a Feldenkrais Approach
by McLennan & Peck.

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