The following contains two-extracts
from this http://lifefresh.net Editor-Publisher’ submission
to an emailed NHS Public-Consultaion Questionnaire:

[“] What is ‘wrong’ ?[“]
The Service needs to thoroughly familiarise itself
with all of the major non-fictional Facts and Factors
and both Formal-Argumentational
and Moral-Reasoning matters
published within

It needs to be NB noted
that not only the NHS Service itself
is “seriously-unawarely-obsolescent”
but the Whole New World Order Civilisation is “overshadowlingly/underlurkingly” 
even more fundamentally
and complexly-corrupted-&-corrupting.
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“Higher Contextuals and Pay-Grades”
and “Lower Contextuals and Pay/Non-Pay Grades”:
much of what is being done ‘wrongly/iatrogenicly’ by the NHS
is a Sub-Fault from “Above/ On-High” –
very-probably as deeply-hidden as
within Constitutions and their ‘loopholes’ themselves;
e.g. The 1978 Primary Health Care Declaration
was “covertly-reneged-upon” from its UK outset,
the Declaration’s clear indication
that all countries need to focus newly
on Non-Medical Sectors Holistic-Health-Building-&-Education
[not Illness/medical/hospitals/pharmacology treatment/controls]
has been “ignored”

The UK [for one] in total effect
“swept” the whole
Wellness-&-Health New Lifeplace Education Care-Need
back-in=under the long-pre-established
[but increasingly too-much-failing]
Primary Medical Care. 

Further corruptly
[criminally? – negative-iatrogenicly?]
the new UN WHO “shingle” of
Primary Health Care
and erected outside surgeries and general medical places
but was a “hi-jack“.
Inside the premises it was [and is still]
Clinicly-Medical-Treatment Only.

Further worsely, the woolly headworded–title [**]
and the non-medical but ‘socially-medically-outsourced;
“Holistic Health Building” Major-Need in its own Right
is referred out to Local Government Adult Social Care
who in turn “duck-shove” it to the OPMHS;
who in turn “block” it by saying
“The OPMHS Remit is to find and treat
seriously mentally ill Older People, and nothing else:
for Holistic Health you need to see your GP”
[Case in point: Plymouth Adult Social Care; Plymouth & NHS OPMHSs;
and Knowle House Surgery, Dr Brookes],
Further “negativising-iatrogenics” will no doubt be quickly found,
both within posts in the above three e-sites,
and from wider other life-experiential-sources.

[*] Paraphrasingly-abbreviated
(there being introductory data-questions, too.
“Woolly-worded “Mental-Health”
and its silly derivatives
“mental-health-issue” and “mental-health-problem”
need to be “scrapped”.
The more-correct foundational wording is
“Mind-Functions/ Mind-Functionalities”
and an honest heading would be
“Mind-Functional-Wellness & Fitnesss-for-Purpose”.

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