Our Humankind Health

I clearly remember reading of the research
showing that
(i) human physiological evolution
is [still] dominantly as a Herbivore;
and that
(ii) The natural bio-chemical balance
of the human-body and its metabolism
is to be 80% alkalised/alkalising and 20% acidified/acidifing;

but I can’t recall the source or the author(s).

Wikipedia is “incomplete” in this matter:
“The acid-ash hypothesis is a medical hypothesis which suggests that excessively acidic diets may result in a number of identifiable health effects, including an increased risk of osteoporosis.[1] It has received some attention in the lay community, and has been used to support the diet known as the Alkaline diet.[1] 
According to the hypothesis, acid ash is produced by meat, poultry, cheese, fisheggs, and grains. Alkaline ash is produced by fruits and vegetables, except cranberries, prunes and plums. Since the acid or alkaline ash designation is based on the residue left on combustion rather than the acidity of the food, foods such as citrus fruits that are generally considered acidic are actually considered alkaline producing in this diet”.
Wikipedia gives no such reference as the 80/20% naturallly-evolved human-metabolism; nor of the modern-research revealing that Western-Civilised diet results in our Body being 90% acidified and only 10% alkalised.

Wikipedia does go on to quote a further research
showing “no proof”
that the Alkaline diet is effective against Osteoporosis.

A comment has arrived on this http:”lifefresh.net desk –

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My Editing-Publisher response
so far is as follows:

Far too “unproven” and expensive for me.

Anyway, the first remedy
for “anything-healthwise” is

Re-focus yourself on improving
the different ways in which you
and rest

and do that
as well as eating/drinking
a less-acidifying and more-alkalizing
all proteins are on the acidifying-range,.
eat less protein – especially red meats;

and eat more
raw-ripe vegetables and fresh-fruit 
[they are alkalizers].

Also because ?
Our natural deeply-historical RNA evolution
made us Vegetarian
[Carnivores’ gut is only 5-times the length of their torso;
they have to pass meat through quickly
or it putrifies in any longer gut
into dangerously pathogenic toxins];

the herbivores’ gut
is 12-times the length of their torso –
since our human gut
is 12-times the length of our torso,
we are still “herbivores”.

Our bio-chemical balance was naturally-evolved to be 
 80% alkalized and only 20% acidified;

whereas modern-1st World Developed mankind is
90% acidified and only 10% alkalized.
The source may be The New Health Revolution by Ross Horne.
I have a copy, I will check that now; because it could come from a Scandinavian health-researcher whose name I just ‘forget’.

I’ll post the result-so-far by tomorrow Monday 15 Feb 21.