BBC UK Suppressivity.

The BBC asks for Public Submissions direct to them;
yet today when I cooperated with that,
and sumitted the following comment/complaint
they outrightly “blocked” it
even from being seen by
any of their Staff
before publication-considerations.

I have filled in the BBC’s call to contact it via its online form re the Andrew Marr foci and General Public Media Needs; only to have it “blocked” from being seen by a responsible person in the BBC.
I have therefore shown it in :-

The Andrew Marr Focus
is one of the best ‘governancial’ news-documentaries available,
certainly ‘equal’ to HARDtalk
and the near-world-leading documentaries
Al Jazeera and RTNews.
since all of the Media is avoiding
the ‘Biggest’ & “Future-Securing” Issues,
both of Humankind’s
Individual-&-Civlisational Human-Development,
and of EarthLife-Itself’s Needs,
surely the BBC should have
such Information & Situationalities
24/7 VBisible ?

Instead, the
appears to be
one of
“Conquer & Whip-Into-Line
this Increasingly-Hostile-&-Wild-Planet Earth,
and ‘Jackbootly-Procrusteanisingly’
Hoi-Paloi World-Overpopulationing ‘Laggards’
the [UN HDI] Longevity, Wealth & Knowledge
of the Top-1% Elite
of their Subservient Upper and Middle Class
Civil-&-Militant ‘Defence’- and Work- Forces,
and their further sub-servient
Civil-&-Militantly Economies
Socially-Mobile Internationally-Sequestered–Communities.

Could you please ask
at least one of your Research-and-Report Teams
to do some ‘critical-reading’ through –

a quite longstanding, non-fiction-centered
“voluntarily-altruistic” and
“not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’ ”
yet neglected-&-suppressed
public-major-&-minor information sharing e-site.

With best regards,
UK English Citizen.