Time to Follow “Good-News”.

YouTube Premium
up on your computer screen’
and find
The Polyvagal Theory. Explained
by Irene Lyon.

Possibly reset the ‘speed-of-playback’ to 0.75
[bottom right corner click the multi-star].

Have your “computer-pointer” ready
to pause – or rewind -the playback.

To actually “see” the extent of this Vagus Nerve
throughout the body
click forwards to minute 15.33 of the lesson-total 16.30

Now go back and play through continuously,
just pausing and re-playing
the parts that really “clicked” in your own brain
or “woke-you-up-a-bit”:
because, even in only 16 minutes of “lecture”
there had to be included
much formally-accurate scientific detail.
It’s also “inclusively-possibly” to click-forward
to any of the continuing “Lessons” –
(the Doctor dresses differently).