An NHS Questionnaire asks for One’s Responses:_
Some of these responses
are undoubtedly of

Here are some-such, of mine today :-
– – – – – – –
GP’s Q:
What did you need from the GP EConsult online ?
My Reply:
To help me be body-mindly well-enough
to continue
including via ‘my/the’
public-information e-site,
pro-actively catalysing a
“Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building-&-Maintaining
Separate Non-Medical Co-Educational UK Service”.
GP’s Q:
How did you find the EConsult ?
My Reply:
It was totally unable/unwilling to address
my real and holistic health-building needs.
GP’s Q:
What do you expect from an EConsdult ?
My Reply:
To wholisticly refer one to the aforesaid
“Separate Non-Medical Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building-&-Maintaining Service”.
GP’s Q:
What is your Ethnicity in your own words:
My reply:
Averagely mildly-disabled & impaired
93 year-old
heterosexual male.
GP’s Q:
Describe your Work.
My Reply:
Flexibly-Fully Occupied
Running & Following
the voluntarily-altruistic