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Since it is technically-impossible
for this site to receive
your comments and discussion,
‘reciprocation’, ‘resonance’,
or ‘just-contact’
are still possible via
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Any book
you look into for the first time
is for you “new

even ‘though it may have been published
a long time ago
[‘implying’ that many people
have already absorbed it]
as with
The Thinking Body
by Professor Dr Mabel Todd
published 1937
practically the first seriously medical book
to have been published by an

This book is still ‘world-leading’ –

but Medical Universities today still merely
list it,
with no requirement
to even ‘skim-read’
even the
“blurb-on-the-outside-back-cover” !
There are literally hundreds of such books
about good-things
and/or bad]

Your Body:
biofeedback at its best
[without instruments, machinery and artificiality]
by Professor Beata jencks
is non-fictionally about “good-matters”.

Whereas books, and DVDs, such as
Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
EdenTV documentary dvd
Research Science and Life-Environmental Teams
hosted by Sir David Attenborough.
The Divide
by LSE Professor David Hickel.

all have some very seriously
“bad” matters
that long-needed to be publicly-reported.
This “” publishes ‘Notes’ about
“bad” as well as “good” “Things”.

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Interimly Publicly-Shared 1159 —>Tuesday 26 January 2021.—> Onwardsly.