A Nation-al Survival Model.


A ” Nation” is “a People”;
whereas ‘their’
Land, Infrastructure,
constitute a “Nation-State”.

[Instantially: When the Israeli-People had no Land
for hundreds of years being ‘scattered’
to many other Nation-States around the World,
they were still “The Israeli-Nation”
but were legally & totally subject to
whichever Country they resided in.]

We are concerned with
“The People’s Needs-&-Hows”
the Dominant one of which is
“This Earth’s Lifesupportive Needs-&-Hows”.
we need to distinguish between
1. Earth’s Lifesupportive Needs-&-Hows.
2. Humankind’s Lifeplace Needs-&-Hows.
3. Humankind’s Workplace needs-&-Hows.

this Model
is dependent upon
and constructed from
Non-Fictional Publication of
Facts, Factors, Knowledges, KnowHows,
and both
Lifeplace and Workplace Experiences:
which will now
‘non-negotiably’ consider
to be ‘constituting’
Nation-al Survival-Model Library“:
beginning with

The biological essentials for every Lifeform.

(b) Effort (Laban & Lawrence).

(c) Wisdom of the Body Moving (Linda Hartley).

(d) Your Body (Beata Jencks).

(e) Perceptual Self-Control (William Powers).

(f) Mindset (Caroline Dweck).

(g) (i) People Effectiveness Training (Thomas Gordon)
(ii) People Skills (Robert Bolton).

(h) How To ‘Win’ Every ‘Argument’ (Madsen Pirie).

(i) Relaxercise (Bersin. Bersin & Reese).
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