Sapienta: divine-reasoning.

We humankind are the only species on Earth to have the “Third, Reasoning” brain
[the first brain being the Rinic, Reptilian and Instinctual brain;
thesecond being theLimbic, Mammalian, Sensory and Intelligence brain;
this third being the Sapiental, Supra-Limbic, Abstract-Reasoning and Intellectual brain].

The “Unbelievable-problem” with this is
that it can cause all sorts of conflict, even Wars.

Even when Jesus-of-Nazaret h occupied the ancient ”Christ-the-Messiah’ office, and advised the Discioples
[“] Whatsoever sin you commit against God-the-Creator or against God-the-Redeeming Christ
may be forgiven you; but whatsoever sin you commit against TheHoly-Spirit ‘Com-fort-e’ may never be forgiven you[“].

All Religions,and many Non-Religious Organisations and Governments,
somehow kepp going with their
2non-negotiable-perfect-purpose & methodlogy/dogma –
despite such “perfection” meaning that
“members already have something perfect and therefore do not need to learn anything new – must not ‘deviate’ into anything ‘new’: even into new-clear reasoning

despite Science itself calling us humans
homo sapiens sapiens
Intelligent-thinking and abstract intellectual-thinking and reasoning people.

Thus, thus the Christian Biblical Religion
is in a
permanently non-negogtiable state
of being

And in that same sapioental reality,
so are all other human-organisations claiming any sort of “non-negotiable perfection”.

To be continued.