On Life-Working.

Lifeplace ‘working’
consists of
applying one’s
Lifeplace-Abilities and ‘Enablimngs’
to the
inherent in

Co-Sustainworthying …

break to offline essential sustainworthying
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Monday 28 December 2020
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A response to Quora’s “Pseudoscience” ‘tussling’ :-

A Devilishly Complex Predicamental Matter, this “3rd-Brain-Logic, Moral-Reasoning, & Science-versus-Pseudoscience -Tussling”: the only genericly-wholistic. ‘Way’ I can turn to for “enablement’ here is Logical-Critical-Thinking with its prerequisite essential knowledge-of-all-the-relevant-information & facts & factors and a sufficiency-of-knowhow-&-life-experience.
PS This latter “Necessary-&-Sufficient” ‘Way’ implicitly also requires such “material mind” ‘tools’ as (i) a Concise Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus; (ii) A Wikipedia and Wikileaks access; and (iii) a secure internet link with a non-fictional-&-disinterested “Existential-Matters Conversation; Focused-Conversation; Cooperative-Discussion; and Cooperative-’Debate’-Practicing’, United Nations Run, Multi-Way Communication – E Site”. 
JSDM. 2347 Monday 28 December 2020. 
PPS Try starting with “How to ‘Win’ Every ‘Argument’” by Professor Madsen Pirie.

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