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My query arose/arises/should-be-tabled
on the “phenomenological-‘issue'” that –
although Ethics is a subsidiary of Morals,
many prevailing  ‘de-facto/even ‘constitutional’-ethics’ have seriously-corruptible ‘loopholes’ in them.

whilst it could/should be wrong under Moral-Reasoning for a CEO/Director “Bankster[*]”
to be ‘taking’/’being-given’ hugely-multiple-human-livings
from the  Environment and the Common Purse [**] as an “ethical-right”,
in ‘increasing-point-of-fact’,
 that ‘ shadow-non-sustain-worthy excess’
may arguably and intrinsically be a part cause of
the Extinction-Threat now bearing down  
not only on “Us Humankind” but on most Earthlife [***] –
a major issue indicated in the 197T-199Ts  Australian Environmental Studies Online-Course  
by Professors J.Stone and D.Smith respectively as being
(“) … thus we Humans have become a Plague upon Earth …(“)
(“) …with the Earth’s Lifesupports in a near-irreversible downtrend,
but the GNP/Stockmarkets longstandingly showing them and our civilisation
to be in an historicly-permanent uptrend, 
someone should be getting it through to the Economists at least,
that they have a fundamental-equation Wrong somewhere ! (“)..

(2)  Please see  http://lifefresh.net posts
(i)   “How Practice the Preached?”
(ii)  “The ‘Bad’ Big-Picture”
(iii)  “How Pay Our Earth-Debt?”
(iv) “BASICS; New as well as Old.

Surely Ethics is overarched by Morals
and also therewith by Formal-Argumentation
The’split-hairdetail’ I noted at first reading is in
1. Defining Ethics;
Loubert(1999) defines ethics as …
Ethics is underpinned by morals and values,
therefore it is important that we also pin down
the difference between morals and value. 

[*]  “Coined” by Max Keiser via RTNews ‘The Keiser Report’ ( ~ 2018).
[**]  Arguably
“One human being needs (just) one-human-living; 
one-human-living = [~ £300 + Special-Needs-Allowance];
therefore the Bank of Scotland CEO was drawing £2 million + 1 million bonuses
which is > 190 human-livings per week;
the HSBC CEO ‘s £5 million per year plus Bonuses is > 380 human-livigs per week. 
see Professor Iain Stewart’sTV documentary upon the future of Planet Earth.