Democracy & People Failures

Many great advances have been made,
and affordably published,
by many life-experienced people
and professional-researchers.

But many,
often “most”.
are being “avoided”.
Here is a draft- of such a “matter” –
being prepared by
a ‘participant’ for ‘an acquaintance’.

has certainly built,
and appears to be going on building,
a damning ad hominem ‘case’ against
‘an innocent ‘lone-democratic-messenger’.

The Problem is actually
that we are each
and all
democratic-governance-intercommunication –
and also by our
knowledges & knowhows,
needs, and “hows”.-
The fact that
the Dominant-System has
Domain-Designers, Hosts,
Administrators and Moderators
legally allowed
and economicly-empowered
to change , remove,
add to, or substitute for;
anything being published
by the rightful owner of an e=site
[legally termed the “Publisher”]
is surely an
“Issue of Public Co-Security & Democratic Concern”.


It’s not going to be the
“End of” any Matter or “passing-trivia”

‘they’, ‘you’, and ‘me’

and actually the whole of
all English-speaking citizenries
at least

become enabled and able-&-willing
to face up to all the Facts.-

Turning away from or ‘hiding’ them
will never make them cease-to-exist,
nor ‘go-away’.

We shall remain

as long as
we fail to establish –

the Powers-that-Be
rightly begin to
Cooperatively-Democraticly-Enable us –

Clear, Charitable
and Self-Corrigible
via the
” ‘No-lose’ Method-III of
Needs & Hows-Recognition
and Cooperative Problem Solving”.
But we keep getting more of the
“it’s all their or your fault””

I don’t
“complain that ‘nobody is supporting me’ ” –
I am getting much essential and good support”
Yet there are some essentials
which are not available to be –
“keeping my home properly-de-cluttered”
being a major one.
I do nevertheless try to
stand-up and point out
many ‘neglects and faults and corruptions’
in current civilisation’s organisations, constitutions
and less-then-fit-for-purpose Social Practices.

As I show on,
“These three e-sites are not about “me” –
nor ‘promoting’ any other “individual”
or even any “popular-celebrity”.

These sites are
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’.

They set out to show Facts, Factors, Issues,
and Democratic-governance essential-informations –
especially about
Problems, Predicaments
and Threats-to-Our-Life-on-Earth
that are otherwise not being shown to us –
rather are being ‘covered-up’, denied, avoided
by the
Media, Governments,
Education and Cultural/Religious Bodies.

what not only
and show non-fiction publications
by qualified leaders who are being denied, neglected, avoided
even by the overarching institutions
of which they are
longstanding professional members,

“real-life-struggles” authors
such as Sir David Attenborough
are being
having peoples’ backs turned on them.
People think
“Oh, he’s good, outstanding;
but that’s his job, his career;
and he’s lucky at that.
But It’s not my pay-grade”.

“J. Miles” doesn’t need to ‘exist’, friend:

It is only the Matters that s/he “gives” to the Public
that need to
both ‘exist’ and
to very-probably
“be tackled” –
by the “Leaders”,
“The People”, and
“The Bankrolling Powers-that-Be”.

“Mind-Functionally”, friend –
the “problem” comes down to =

both the People and our Governors
need to be
becoming sufficiently willing and able to
“The Problem”
instead of jumping in to
“the person”
or to

You yourself have admitted that –
there is no democratic body or e-site
not only in Britain
but in the whole world
and the whole-internet;
where one can properly cooperatively
face up to these Life-on-Earth Needs
Democratic-Governance Responsibilities.

It looks like being the “mad fact” that
is the only “public-medium”
even attempting
to face up to these sadly officially-neglected
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

rather than
“End of …”

——————————–Tuesday 15 December 2020 ————————————-